The New Trailer For ‘Churchill’ Is Here-Chronicles 96 Hours Before D-Day

The New Trailer For ‘Churchill’ Is Here-Chronicles 96 Hours Before D-Day | World War Wings Videos


Looks Interesting.

This is probably going to be one of those movies for history buffs, as it’s not an action film. There are no battle scenes and no invasion shots. This movie will tell the story of Winston Churchill 4 days prior to D-day, the largest naval, air and land operation in history

As you know, Churchill was one of the key players in strategizing the attack, being the prime minister of the U.K. He also had vast military knowledge having fought in many conflicts during his career, but as the trailer will show you, some of the top brass didn’t want to listen to him. The movie follows his fight to get what he wanted.

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The film stars Brian Cox as Churchill. You might remember him from the movie Braveheart and the Bourne series with Matt Damon. He also played supporting roles in many other films as well, so even if you don’t know who he is exactly, you’ll probably recognize his face once you see the trailer.

The movie is due in the theaters on June 2nd, just 4 days before the anniversary of D-Day.

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