News | 70K German Residents Evacuated After Massive UK Bomb Found

News | 70K German Residents Evacuated After Massive UK Bomb Found | World War Wings Videos



That’s A Lot Of Bang.

World War II might have ended well over a half a century ago, but its effects can still be seen around the world. Just a few months ago there was an unexploded bomb found in Japan and they do pop up a few times a year in Europe as well.

Here, it was found right in Frankfurt.

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A blockbuster bomb was found while a construction company started digging to erect a new building, very close to a heavily attended university. The excavation was immediately halted while authorities figured out what to do.

As of now, the area is guarded by the police unit a bomb disposal unit comes on Sunday, Septemeber 3rd, to get rid of the bomb. At that time, 70,000 residents from around the area will need to leave their homes and places of work while the operation occurs.

Blockbuster bombs were one of the biggest dropped during World War II. They ranged from 4,000 to 12,000 lbs and half of their weight was comprised of explosives. They were called blockbusters because they could literally flatten entire blocks.

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