The Next Big Thing In Aerial Combat – But Not Everyone Is Thrilled About It

The Next Big Thing In Aerial Combat – But Not Everyone Is Thrilled About It | World War Wings Videos




Textron Inc. has been making very big strides lately developing aircraft independently of Government contracts. Lately Textron’s fighter the Scorpion has become the frontrunner in a competition to become the US Air Force’s new light fighter. But Textron has another trick up their sleeve, they recently introduced an unmanned aircraft the Nightwarden.

Unmanned drone technology is still controversial but there is no doubt that it is a growing field. The Nightwarden specialized in the delivery of payloads up to 130 lbs and can also be modified for bombing attacks. The main strength of this aircraft appears to be its ability for reconnaissance with its ability to fly nonstop for up to 15 hours.

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“Since first announcing the Shadow M2, we’ve made significant improvements and enhancements to the system – so much in fact, that there are many differences between the two platforms.”

– Bill Irby (Unmanned Systems Senior Vice President & General Manager)

The Textron Nightwarden is off to a great start and has had countless hours of testing and the development teams are eager to see it jump into action. Get a glimpse of the Nightwarden making its debut at the Paris Airshow in this video.

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