Recent Blue Angels Show Could Have Ended In Disaster Due To Rogue Drone

Recent Blue Angels Show Could Have Ended In Disaster Due To Rogue Drone | World War Wings Videos

(John Redifer/The Aviationist/YouTube)



The US Navy’s Blue Angels have a long standing history of excellence within the aviation community. For over 70 years they have entertained crowds all over the world with a proven track record of the utmost skill during flight. However, every now and then mishaps happen, but this time around it wasn’t pilot error, a drone popped up on the scene.

The Seafair Airshow in Seattle, Washington is always a fun and exciting weekend for the people in attendance. They all gather from miles around to watch planes of all sorts flying over the sea on a sunny afternoon. These days it seems like no airshow is complete with an appearance from the Blue Angels as the tear through the skies in their signature blue and yellow F/A-18 Super Hornets.

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The crowds were really enjoying the experience as the Blue Angels performed tight aerobatic feats sometimes as close as 12 inches from each other. But suddenly a drone flew into the area and got a little too close for comfort. All it takes is one irresponsible person to ruin things for everyone by not obeying the rules and keeping their flight path clear. A video clip of the Blue Angels and the drone is featured in the following link.

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