Catalina Buzzes The Ever Living Daylights Out Of Boaters

Catalina Buzzes The Ever Living Daylights Out Of Boaters | World War Wings Videos

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Doing A Couple Little Stunts In A Huge Seaplane

Built by Consolidated Aircraft starting with the 1930’s, the Consolidated PBY Catalina is a seaplane that saw use in military conflicts around the world until quite recently. The patrol bomber (for which PB stands for) entered US military service in 1936 and remained active until the 1970’s, being part of all American armed forces during the interval.

  • Although slow and lacking proper defenses, the flying boat took part in most maritime battles during World War 2.
  • It was also used as a stealth night fighter, painted black and flown under enemy radars, a tactic that proved successful for Allied forces, despite the plane’s shortcomings.
  • Ongoing developments caused its great longevity as a military aircraft.

With a slew of very different nicknames, ranging from Black Cat to Pig Boat, the Consolidated PBY Catalina is also successfully used by civilians for surveys, fire-bombing and even transport to and from remote areas. Up to 1945, the manufacturing company built four thousand models.

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