This Year You’ll See Day Turn Into Night For The First Time In 38 Years

This Year You’ll See Day Turn Into Night For The First Time In 38 Years | World War Wings Videos


Always Looking Up.

When we found out about this, we immediately thought, “these folks would want to know about this.” Although it doesn’t have anything to do with planes per say, we can all agree on one thing; most of us look up every time we hear a plane fly by. As aviation enthusiasts, we all feel like the sky is our second home, hence, we’d like to share this.

This year will be the first time since February 26th, 1979, that the sun will be completely covered by the moon. We all know what a solar eclipse is, but this one is special. Although the last time it happened was in 1979, it will be the first in exactly 99 years that everyone in the U.S. will be able to see it (some partially.)

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We’re all adults here, but we’d like to kindly remind everyone NEVER to look directly at the sun, even during this event. Put on some shades to avoid eye damage. Plus, you’ll look cooler.

As for when this is going to happen, well, we still have a bit to go. The totality is due to happen on Monday, August 21st. It’s quite a ways away but mark your calendars and/or phones. Point is, don’t miss it.

It will be a long time before you can see something like this again.

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