1/4 Scale Jerry Bates Seafury Maiden

1/4 Scale Jerry Bates Seafury Maiden | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / staples919

Successful Maiden Flight

Enjoying the fruits of your labor sure is an addicting feeling. After three years of hard work, this 1/4 scale of a Seafury finally made its maiden flight and the results are amazing.

Not counting the first try, it was everything Vince Belshaw, the owner, could have asked for. The hiccup on the takeoff was due to the flaps which gave way to too much drag, says Belshaw.

To make his plane fly the way it did, he used a 300cc MOKI 5 Cylinder radial engine worth around 4,000 bucks. Add three years of work with that much money invested, you get a beautiful plane that’s just begging to be flown. If that is not dedication to the craft, then what is?

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