11 A-10 Warthog Gizmos You NEED In Your Life

11 A-10 Warthog Gizmos You NEED In Your Life | World War Wings Videos

Build The Ultimate Man Cave.

The A-10 is the ultimate CAS platform and let’s face it, we have every right to love it. From its unique design to the scariest “brrrrrt” sound their victims never hear, this is one kick ass plane.

For this reason, we scoured the internet to find the coolest things that will help you display your love for this freedom dispense. Some of them we already owned ourselves, but others just blew our mind so we included them too.

We also included the links to Amazon so you don’t have to dig through the internet to find them. Most of these we just shouldn’t live without.

  1. A-10 Car Decala10-car-decal


    Intimidate the jerk tailgating you with this decal. It might not be much, but how does he know you don’t fly one for real?- $22.45  

  2. A-10 Lighter & Casea-10-zippo-lighter


    Like A-10 pilots, you can too light someone up. Not as effective, but this U.S. made lighter will get the job done. -$19.99 

  3. A-10 Double Sided Coina-10-flip-coin


     Have buddies who love to bet on random things? Whip out this bronze coin and flip them for whatever. It won’t improve your chances, but it WILL look better.-$14.99  

  4. 50 Cal Antenna For Your Truck50-cal-bullet-antenna


    Now, this isn’t the round we’re all hoping for, but we couldn’t find one from a GAU-8. Either way, this antenna is the coolest thing we’ve seen in a while. -$33.99  

  5. GAU-8 Shot Glassesbullet-shot-glass


    Shot glasses made from genuine 30mm shell casings used during training. Enough said. $14.95  

  6. 50 Cal Bullet Bottle Opener50-cal-bullet-bottle-opener


    Again, we didn’t find a 130mm one, but this 50 cal opener is still a great addition to your booze inventory. And yes, it was fired from Ma Deuce. -$14.99  

  7. A-10 Flight Officer War Watcha-10-warthog-watch


    This military grade quartz watch does what it should, it tells time. It does look more bad ass than anything else we’ve seen though.-$49.99 

  8. A-10 Warthog I-Phone 6 Casea-10-i-phone-case


    The ultimate protector of troops on the ground, this A-10 case will protect your phone. It’s made of hard plastic, not titanium though. -$7.99 

  9. 20″ A-10 Warthog For Walls Or Windowsa-10-warthog-wall-decal


    Got a man cave? A room? A wall or window? Slap this thing somewhere in your place to show others your respect for a gun that got its own plane.-$20.64 

  10. A-10 Mouse Pada-10-warthog-mouse-pad


    Chances are you still have a PC laying around somewhere in your place. Get rid of that boring mouse pad and replace it with this bad boy. Let it be a reminder someone is watching over you. -$14.99  

  11. USAF A-10 Warthog Ball Capa-10-baseball-cap


    This 100% cotton, adjustable baseball cap will give shade to the windows of your soul. Also, it’ll help others know you respect the king of CAS.  -$15.99  

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