1941 Douglas DC-3 Starts And Takes Off

1941 Douglas DC-3 Starts And Takes Off | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / HeliPylot

Real or Not?

It’s hard to imagine that this propeller-driven airliner was once a staple in World War 2. Considered to be fast, reliable, and had a longer range than most planes, the Douglas DC-3 was used by many operators during the war.

Below, we get to see one of these amazing airliners in action in Central Florida. This DC-3, introduced in 1941, was filmed beautifully from a helicopter. It was so well-shot that some people thought it was a simulator video!

YouTube / HeliPylot

The video uploader, HeliPylot, said they were able to remove the helicopter’s doors to avoid window reflections and be at whatever angle or altitude they needed to get the right shot. 

Thanks to him, we can see the DC-3 start its two-row Twin Wasp radial piston engines before taking off smoothly.

YouTube / HeliPylot

How awesome was that!?

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