2017 Blue Angels NAF El Centro Air Show Highlights

2017 Blue Angels NAF El Centro Air Show Highlights | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / spencerhughes2255

The Best of the Best

The Blue Angels are the United States Navy’s flight demonstration squadron. It was first formed in 1946 and is the world’s second-oldest formal aerobic team. The “Blues” usually perform aerial displays to at least 60 shows in 30 different locations in the US, and one from Canada. 

The video features the squadron during the El Centro Air Show in Southern California in 2017. The Blue Angels took it to the skies, offering plenty of thrills much to the delight of the crowd below, flying in their impressive formations and aerial stunts. 

No doubt, these pilots were truly exceptional. Overall, it was a spectacular performance- we could watch these jets fly all day long! This was truly an amazing show. 

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