Mach Loop 2022 Highlights

Mach Loop 2022 Highlights | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Elwyn R

Amazing Footage, Incredible Shots

In this video, we get to see low-level fighter jets flying across the mountains of North Wales Snowdonia. Loved the fact that one of the F-15 pilots had the Welsh flag shown over the instrument panel for the photographers to see. Totally cool moment, and it showed respect to the Welsh. 

Another highlight for us is when those four Hercs flew together in that majestic moment. Got goosebumps watching the 130s flying in close formation so low.

Also, at the 3:43 mark, you get to see the condensation vortices, dancing, swirling, and then dissipating. It was such as mesmerizing sight. Not to mention, that the quality of the photography was superb, it almost feels that you’re there. 

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