4 Prowlers Pop Flares In This Historic And Spectacular Video Clip

4 Prowlers Pop Flares In This Historic And Spectacular Video Clip | World War Wings Videos

combat_learjet / Instagram

This Was The Last Time These Aircraft Flew Together.

One of our favorite Instagram pages, combat_learjet, has uploaded yet another epic video we figured you folks would love to see. It’s of four EA-6B Prowlers following closely behind a KC-130J and releasing their flares in an airshow type fashion.

VMAQ’s mission is to “support the Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Commander by conducting airborne electronic warfare, day or night, under all weather conditions during Expeditionary, Joint, or Combined operations.”

According to the description, this video was reposted from @dr_whale who serves on the KC-130J in the video. He wrote that this was the last time these Prowlers, all from VMAQs 1-4, flew together as these platforms are being phased out. They are being replaced with Boeing’s EA-18G Growlers.

VMAQ, or Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron, is comprised of four squadrons which conduct electronic warfare to aid the Marine Corps’ mission. They’re a crucial part of our military and we’re glad they got the chance to fly together one more time. After all, these squadrons have flown these aircraft for the past 45 years.

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