After 4 Years Of Overhauling The USS Lincoln Is Back In Action – Major Combat Upgrades

After 4 Years Of Overhauling The USS Lincoln Is Back In Action – Major Combat Upgrades | World War Wings Videos

(US Navy/Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Matt Herbst)


At the time of its launch nearly 30 years ago the USS Abraham Lincoln was the shining jewel in the crown of the US Navy. Since its debut, this powerful aircraft carrier has launched assaults in Operation Desert Storm, the Second Gulf War, delivered humanitarian aid and was even the location where President George W. Bush announced the United States victory over Sadaam Hussein. Since then the years have started to weigh heavy on the carrier, so it went in for some major upgrades and after years of refurbishing the USS Abraham Lincoln is back.

It took four years to upgrade the USS Abraham Lincoln to the modern standard as it prepares for combat. After 25 years the crews were still using paper maps, but with the new upgrade, they will now be using electronic navigational equipment. The decks have been outfitted with new catapults to accommodate launches for F-35Cs for the next generation of aerial combat.

“Our team has worked hard to get USS Abraham Lincoln ready to redeliver to the fleet. She has undergone significant combat systems modernization and will also be the first CVN capable of accommodating the F-35C Lightning II. This RCOH enabled the ship to meet future missions and continued service life requirements for many years to come.”

– Rear Admiral Brian Antonio

The upgrades are expected to add an additional 25 years to the lifespan of the USS Abraham Lincoln. The Lincoln becomes the fifth Nimitz-class carrier to receive an advanced renovation, check out this video of the new and improved carrier as it enters sea trials.

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