50 Cal Machine Gun Nails 1200 Meter Shot

50 Cal Machine Gun Nails 1200 Meter Shot | World War Wings Videos

Photo Credit: YouTube Channel TAOFLEDERMAUS

Dear Santa…

I’m quite sure we all want to be in his shoes right now, shooting the target plates and listening to that sweet sound each time he fires. If there’s one activity I’d like to do this weekend, it would be this. Then again, it’s a pretty expensive hobby. It’s interesting to see what it feels like to shoot at such long distance. Also, it answers some of the most basic questions like the accuracy of hitting the targets.

The Browning .50 Cal Machine gun can be used not just on enemy personnel but also on slow, low-flying aircraft and light-armored vehicles. Also make sure you follow Youtube channel TAOFLEDERMAUS for more awesome content.

I guess we can all agree that guns like the Ma Deuce is nice to look at and even better to use. Of course, let’s leave ‘cleaning’ out of this because we know there’s no fun in that! Although you can do some BBQ while you’re at it. Ah yes, good times!

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