Over 50 Fighters Soaring Into Action To Bring The Noise

Over 50 Fighters Soaring Into Action To Bring The Noise | World War Wings Videos


Checked Flag.

Every year Tyndall Air Force Base hosts a training program called Checkered Flag that fills the sky with fighters. Pilots from five additional Air Force Bases will converge at Tyndall including Mountain Home, Shaw, Eglin, Tinker and Moody.


Tyndall Air Force Base will be supporting some 800 airmen for Checkered Flag 17-1 this year. The pilots from different bases bring their experiences to the table to help each other prepare and improve their combat skills. They will engage in live combat training to ensure their offensive and defensive skills are to the standards required for maintaining peace.

“The nature of air power includes speed, surprise, maneuver, and focused firepower. Units from greatly dispersed locations are able to rapidly assemble to form a formidable airpower team. Rapid global mobility begets air and space superiority at a pace and place our adversaries are heavily challenged to adequately defend.”

– Colonel Randall W. Cason (44th Fighter Group and 325th Air Expeditionary Wing Commander)

Video recording from this year’s training program an action packed Tyndall Air Force Base. There are plenty F-35s, F-22s, F-15s and F-16s just to name a few. Get a good look at these brave pilots taking off into action and you’ll have plenty to see with that many fighters.

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