‘633 Squadron’ Mosquito Flight Scene

‘633 Squadron’ Mosquito Flight Scene | World War Wings Videos

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A Classic Aviation Film

These epic scenes are possible thanks to the director, Walter Grauman’s, wartime experience as a B-25 Mitchell pilot. He even flew and co-piloted the B-25 camera ship himself!

In total, the film used eight de Havilland Mosquitos but only five were airworthy at that time. Some of the Mosquitos had to be converted to the fighter-bomber variant to fit the movie. Another Mosquito (RS718) would then be destroyed to simulate a crash.

The film has garnered the interest of many aviation enthusiasts. It even appeared on “The 100 Greatest War Films” list by the UK public. But for others, the music during the aerial scenes completely elevated those moments thanks to Ron Goodwin’s impeccable music choices.

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