75 year old Messerschmitt BF109-E4 Flies Again

75 year old Messerschmitt BF109-E4 Flies Again | World War Wings Videos

A Messerschmitt Bf 109 Coming Back To Life

The Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-4 is part of the Messerschmitt’s Emil series of Luftwaffe fighters. A sturdy and reliable plane, and one that left a big mark on all aerial battles the Germans ever took part in, the Bf-109 was manufactured in large numbers and represented the Luftwaffe’s spearhead, even after the introduction of the Focke Wulf, later in World War 2.

  • As versatile as military aircraft can get, the Bf 109, initially designed as an interceptor, was soon designated a slew of other roles in the conflict, among them, the one of fighter, regardless if day or night, bomber, and ground attack plane.
  • BFW and Messerschmitt AG ended up producing just under 34 thousand units.

In the video, this particular Messerschmitt was shot down during the Battle of Britain and belly landed in a field. Just to know that this very plane had seen battle during that fight is chilling yet mesmerizing.

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