76mm Cannon And CIWS Live Fire

76mm Cannon And CIWS Live Fire | World War Wings Videos

Wesley Emberlin

76 Got Some Kicks.

Many times in life you only get one shot, so make it count. If you’re in combat the shots you take matter even more so you really need to make them count. I’ll tell you one thing, shots made from the 76mm cannon really count when they hit.

Officially known as the Mark 75, it was designed by the Italian defense company Oto Melara really makes a hefty hit. The 76mm cannon is used on small to mid-size naval vessels has become a staple of Italian warfare at sea.

“The Mark 75 gun is suitable for installation on small combatants due to its light weight and low manpower requirements. One gun mount is installed aboard medium and high endurance USCG cutters. The Mark 75 was provisionally approved for service use in September 1975.”

The Mark 75 cannon can launch a projectile at 3,000 feet per second with rapid 360-degree rotation to take on threats in any direction on the high seas. The Italian Navy put it to the test while they were out on the high seas, you gotta check this thing out and make sure to crank up the volume.

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