96-Year-Old Nazi War Criminal Sentenced To Prison – But One Holocaust Survivor Strongly Objects

96-Year-Old Nazi War Criminal Sentenced To Prison – But One Holocaust Survivor Strongly Objects | World War Wings Videos

SS-enior Living.

The world has not forgotten the crimes committed by Nazi Germany’s most sinister group Schutzstaffel (SS). Criminal prosecutors haven’t forgotten the war crimes from 96-year-old Oskar Gröning who served as the bookkeeper of Auschwitz and he was found guilty of an accessory of murder to thousands. Courts have sentenced him to four years in prison for but Gröning insists he is too old to serve out a sentence, but an unlikely ally has come to his side.

“I am a small cog in the bigger Nazi machine.”

– Oskar Gröning


As a Nazi SS guard, Oskar Gröning oversaw the deaths of over 300,000 inmates at Auschwitz and kept records. Unlike other German soldiers, he can’t feign ignorance to what was going on in the concentration camps because he had a pretty clear idea. Despite his age the judge has deemed him fit for jail time after his sentencing. However, there a very unlikely voice speaking out against sending him to jail a Holocaust survivor.

“I no longer carry any anger or hatred toward anybody and that is not because they deserve it but because I deserve to live for your faith.”

– Eva Kor

Eva Kor was one of the identical twins experimented on by Nazi Scientist Josef Mengele and witnessed the death of her family and countless others during the war. She has taken an activist role in Holocaust history even opening a museum exhibit based on her horrible experience. However, she does not want Oskar Gröning to be put in jail, but rather let him speak on his experience and to educate the world on his wrong-doings. She feels that they are simply trying to make an example of him and that he should go on to live out his days.

Eva Kor and Oskar Gröning

What are your thoughts on the matter, if someone who experienced the worst war crimes in history can seek to forgive can the rest of the world?

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