98 Y/O Dad Finds Out How Old He Is-Funniest Video Of The Year

98 Y/O Dad Finds Out How Old He Is-Funniest Video Of The Year | World War Wings Videos

Pinball Wiz / YouTube

Wait, I Was Born In 1919….

This is one of those videos you just have to share when you see it. With over 3 1/2 million views on YouTube in just under a week, you know it’s a good one.

As we’re a historical aviation website we’d like to tie this video into that theme, but we were unable to find out if this man served during World War II. Being 20 at the beginning of it, however, we’re sure he was involved in one way or another but honestly, it doesn’t really matter. The context here is just becoming old and not believing time passed so fast which is something all our World War II vets can relate to.

The question is, do they relate in such a humorous way?

The man’s son recorded his father when he realized he wasn’t sure how old he was. He was actually off by 20 years at first, but when he found out, his response was absolutely priceless.

Just a word of warning. The video is slightly profane but just let it go, please. You can comment on that when you yourself reach the tender age of 98 and then we’ll talk. His “subtle” choice of words is what makes this video as funny as it is.

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