A-10s Sweep Between Hills As Spotters Lose Their Minds

A-10s Sweep Between Hills As Spotters Lose Their Minds | World War Wings Videos

David Ellins

Can’t Blame Them For Doing So!

We love the A-10 Thunderbolt II, and every time we share something about them you folks love it too. Guess we have a lot in common. What’s there not to love though? A descendent of the P-47 which was basically a flying Jug that could give a pounding as well as take one, this plane is the same.

This is why we’re so excited about this video though. Not only do we have two solid A-10 flybys here, they’re in the best place on earth (in our opinion.)

The reason we say that is because these birds were doing the Mach Loop. We’ve shown you a few videos of this magical place before. It’s located in Wales and it’s where multiple fighter squadrons train in low level flying. They come in fast and just graze the walls, so if you haven’t seen them, we suggest you browse our site for more of these.

Before we’ve shown you F-16s, Typhoons and even C-130s doing some sweet flybys between the ravine, but never have we seen Hogs do it. Until now.

As you’ll see, two of these birds swooped right through it, photographers waiting in anticipation. Once they passed, the whole crowd erupted in joy, one guy literally jumping up and down. Can’t blame him though. We’d do the same thing.

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