A-10 Warthog Making It Rain On ISIS Position

A-10 Warthog Making It Rain On ISIS Position | World War Wings Videos

Source: YouTube Channel 'WarLeaks - Military Videos & Combat Footage'

The Sound Of Death

Today’s Forecast: Mostly sunny with a slight chance of BRRRTTTT.

Oh, wait. Did you say something? Sorry, we can’t hear you over this roaring symphony of freedom. 🙂 If anything, the A-10 Warthog has proven its importance to the military over and over again. You never, ever want to be on the receiving end. It will be like a music of doom to its enemies and that alone strikes fear in each one of them. It’s a terrifying noise. And nothing can ever replace this bird. Anyone who served in combat can attest to that. It’s irreplaceable and no one should take her away. Let’s say it again — NO ONE. It’s too iconic and special to the troops. You see, the moment we heard they’ll be retiring her, we only had one word in mind: WHY? 

Anyway, did you notice those guys having a laugh while bullets whiz overhead?

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