A-26 Invader Start-up Sequence Is Absolutely Fascinating

A-26 Invader Start-up Sequence Is Absolutely Fascinating | World War Wings Videos

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The Douglas A-26 Invader is a fast twin-engined light bomber which was known for its capability of carrying twice its specified bomb load. However, on its first combat test, pilots commented on the restriction of cockpit view because of the engines which made the aircraft unsuitable for low-level attack. On the next test missions, though, it became well-loved by both pilots and crews. It can perform bombing, strafing, night interdiction and tactical reconnaissance missions. It’s an awesome plane to say the least. In November 1944, it was delivered to the 9th Air Force in Europe and eventually became known for being the World War II’s fastest US bomber.

This magnificent airplane saw action in both the Pacific and European Theaters. Post WWII, it participated in the Korean War and other Cold War conflicts. This video shows how to do the pre-flight checklist and of course, the engine start-up. Cool stuff!

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