A-List Actor Dangled Off An A400–He’s INSANE

A-List Actor Dangled Off An A400–He’s INSANE | World War Wings Videos

This Took Some Nerves.

This is something that we just came across yet had no idea it was real until we dug a little bit deeper. Now, don’t get discouraged because this name is very polarizing. Tom Cruise. Yes, you’re either a die hard fanatic who’ll watch whatever he puts out or you downright hate him.

In any case, what you’ll see here will either make you like him more or at least give him some more respect in your eyes. It’s impressive whichever way you look at it.

As you probably know, Cruise has been doing the Mission Impossible movies for 20 years now (yup, the first one came out in 1996!) The second to last one, called Rogue Nation, had an opening scene in which the main character needs to get onboard an A400 which is taking off. Without any other option, he hangs onto its side as its getting airborne until they figure out how to get inside.

Nowadays, that’d be all done with CGI, but the mission impossible franchise tries to be as real as possible when it come to their action shots. Normally, the scene would then be filmed using a stuntman, doubling as Tom Cruise in the movie.

That did not happen either though. We found out that Cruise likes doing his own stunts, so it’s actually him doing it.

Check out the clip to see how they did it and him describe this nerve-racking experience.

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