A Paradise Where Warbirds Can Really Show Off

A Paradise Where Warbirds Can Really Show Off | World War Wings Videos

Youtube / greatmoose17

Seriously. Check This Out.

This is hands down one of the finest warbird videos we’ve ever come across. Seriously, there’s no doubt about that. Although we’ve seen and posted some other videos of this exact event, this video is even better than those.

It’s recorded in super high definition, meaning, 4K. The microphone is great and picked up all the right sounds without being overwhelming. The person recording got ALL the planes from that show. Also, the vantage point was spot on too. Can you tell how excited we are about this video?

Among the flybys are a B-25 Mitchell, F7F Tigercat, A Zero, Corsair and P-40 Warhawk.

To fill you in, this magical place is called St. Barths. It’s a French island that resembles paradise. Crystal clear skies. Beautiful clear water and of course palm trees and perfect weather. Add some famous warbirds to that mix and all of us now wish we could retire there.

During an airshow last year, a team from a museum in Texas managed to get through miles of red tape and be able to take some of their prized possessions out of the country. We are talking about their collection of planes of course. Not only that, without FAA regulations on that island, they flew them as fast and low as they wanted to.

This is by far the most exciting warbird video we’ve ever seen. Check it and tell us we’re wrong.

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