Abandoned F-14s and F-4 In A Field

Abandoned F-14s and F-4 In A Field | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Erik Johnston

Absolutely Heartbreaking

This video shows how legendary warbirds like F-14s and an F-4 were abandoned in a field. Sadly, these once iconic flying machines were now left to rot and decay, broken and almost forgotten.

From the looks of it, they’ve been there for so long that they have already trees growing through them. It would be a shame that future generations won’t be able to see these once magnificent planes flying the skies again. These are great planes, and deserved better.

Now, imagine if someone would take them and restore them to their former glory- that would definitely be awesome. We would  love to  end up seeing them in airshows or in museums! But knowing that these warbirds in a state of disrepair is a pain to watch, and definitely heartbreaking.


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