AC-130 Weapons Test – See What This Fierce Killing Machine Can Do

AC-130 Weapons Test – See What This Fierce Killing Machine Can Do | World War Wings Videos

Test Flight For The Angel Of Death.

The Lockheed AC-130 is a weapon among weapons. The AC-130 has a notorious reputation for causing terrorist groups to sound an immediate retreat because they know how utterly hopeless it is to stick around against it. This massive gunship is often called “The Angel of Death” due to its heavy arsenal, which includes multiple machine guns operated by a crew of 13 and equipped with night vision targeting systems for incredible accuracy under cover of dark.

“AC-130s gain their lethality through support of troops in contact, often referred in the short form as “TIC”. AC-130 systems are charged with loitering above combat zones, often working in the darkness of night or inclement weather, using advanced targeting and fire control systems to assist ground in need.”

Here we see the USAF’s 16th Special Operations Squadron undergoing a weapons test and refueling operation with an AC-130W Stinger II. It’s amazing to see so many people working in unison to successfully operate this weapon of war. The speed, the accuracy and the firepower demonstrates that AC-130 lives up to the title as “The Angel of Death.”

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