AC-130U Spooky Live Fire Tests Its Freedom Dispenser

AC-130U Spooky Live Fire Tests Its Freedom Dispenser | World War Wings Videos

Gung Ho Vids

Death From Above.

This awesome footage of one of the best, if not THE best gunships in the world comes to us from the Youtube channel Gung Ho Vids. This guy gets his hands on really awesome military footage, most of it from the Air Force.

In this little montage, he edited together clips from the Emerald Warrior exercise. Featuring the 4th Special Operations Squadron, this video is broken down into two parts for you and we suggest you watch all of it. It’s only three minutes long.

At first, you’ll see the airmen getting ready. They inspect the aircraft and then load up all the ammunition for the practice. It’s a neat perspective if you’ve never been on an AC-130. Then, it’s shooting time.

Once airborne, you first get to see the guns shooting from the interior. There are some nice shots of the casings being expelled and the airmen replacing ammo, but then comes the cherry on top.

The AC-130U Spooky is equipped with a GAU-12 Equalizer gatling rotary cannon. It’s used (along with its other weapons) for close air support of troops on the ground. In this video, you’ll see these airmen practice targeting with that thing and we’ve got to admit, it’s something spectacular to see and hear.

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