AC-130 Gunship Firing All Its Cannons!

AC-130 Gunship Firing All Its Cannons! | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Military Archive

Awesome Compilation

The AC-130 gunship has captured the attention of millions of people for years now. After all, who doesn’t wanna see a proper gunship in the skies?

YouTube / Military Archive

In this compilation, we get to see an AC-130 conducting live fire missions during Exercise Emerald Warrior.

As you’d expect, this aircraft had no problems dishing out its ammunition during the mission. For how much damage it can cause on the battlefield, the AC-130 looked like it could go on for hours with how effortless it handled the exercise.

YouTube / Military Archive

No wonder the AC-130 garners a lot of respect among its peers! This aircraft is built to be the best gunship there is!

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