Bomber Flies After Sitting In Desert For 15 Years

Bomber Flies After Sitting In Desert For 15 Years | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / czoom51

15 Years Too Long

It’s hard to believe that this B-25 Mitchell bomber sat alone and abandoned for fifteen years in the Arizona desert. The WWII-era warbird underwent a year of restoration led by ATW Aviation, which allowed the aircraft to finally return to the skies once again.

You can watch the newly-restored bomber start up its engines at the beginning, 

easily takeoff at 3:06,

and land impressively at 10:36.

From the eye test alone, it’s clear to everyone that this warbird has a lot more years in its tank. Thanks to the work done by ATW Aviation, this B-25 will now be able to participate in several air shows.

In fact, the team behind the Mitchell already has several air shows listed for 2023. You can see the B-25 at the Reno Air Races this September 13 to 17, California Capital Airshow on September 23 to 24, and Central Coast Airfest on October 14 to 15.

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