All Your Favorite Warbirds In One Place

All Your Favorite Warbirds In One Place | World War Wings Videos

FlyingMachinesTV / YouTube

This amazingly put together footage of the Flying Legends Air Show 2013 leaves nothing to be desired. It starts off with three beautiful women singing Beat Me Daddy, a song by The Andrews Sisters. It immediately puts you in the best of spirits and right when the song is about to end, a Spitfire fires up its engine. After that, it’s nothing but the greatest shots of the greatest planes.

A screen shot from the video showcasing a tight turn by one of the Spitfire pilots. | FlyingMachinesTV / YouTube

Here are some planes you’ll see:

  • Numerous Supermarine Spritfires
  • A P-51 Mustang
  • The Jug, P-47 Thunderbolt
  • The famous B-17 Flying Fortress

The Flying Legends Air Show is a spectacular, three hour long show held in Duxford, England. As you’ll see, it features some of the most iconic planes of World War II and also some from World War I as well. This annual show draws thousands of people from across the globe, showcasing some of the most rare aircraft around.

A screen shot of another star of the show, a P-51 Mustang. | FlyingMachinesTV / YouTube

This short clip will give you a taste of what these great people organize and it’ll probably really make you want to go to the next one. Enjoy!

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