Allied Plane Breaks Apart Testing New Bomb–Heartwrenching

Allied Plane Breaks Apart Testing New Bomb–Heartwrenching | World War Wings Videos

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This Happened More Often Than It Should.

Anyway you look at it, World War II was the costliest war this world has ever seen. From equipment, money and most importantly, human lives, every statistic you look at dwarfs any number you compare it to. It was of course, a world war.

During these six dreadful years, casualties piled on daily both on civilian and military sides. There wasn’t a single day when someone didn’t get killed and there is no way of weighing one death against another. This vintage video we found however, really hits home for some reason though.

We and anyone interested in our site loves aviation and World War II planes specifically. This war saw some of the fastest innovation when it came to aviation, both from a technical perspective but also from a tactical perspective as well.

The A-26 Invader was a light bomber developed in 1942.

Since planes were flying faster, further and higher, tactics had to change to use the planes in the most efficient way possible. In this video, a pilot of a Douglas A-26 intruder was testing out a new type of bomb. We’re not sure what went wrong exactly (although it seemed like he was way to low and didn’t pull up after the drop), but you can clearly see the bomb bounce back up and sever the tail.

As you expect, the whole plane crashed into the water in a matter of seconds, claiming the crew’s life. This unfortuanate loss is one of many during the war however. Test pilots and new approaches to carrier landings for example claimed thousands of lives before these pilots ever saw battle.

It’s just another testament to the true horror of World War II. RIP.

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