The Mighty B-17 “Aluminum Overcast” – Turn up the Sound!

The Mighty B-17 “Aluminum Overcast” – Turn up the Sound! | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Steve Kauzlarich

Beautiful Warbird- Nothing Quite Like That Sound!

The Boeing B-17 is a four-engine heavy bomber a quick and high-flying bomber in its era, and was mostly used in the European theater during WWII, dropping bombs that any other plane in that era.

In this footage, we get to see the B-17G “Aluminum Overcast” at VAA Chapter 29 in Hayward, California. Better don your headphones, or good speakers are required since the sound from its engines is absolutely amazing! There’s quite nothing like the sound of a piston-driven prop – that sound translates into sheer power.

The plane has an impressive acceleration at brake release and we also got goosebumps watching it lift off from the skies.

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