Apollo 11 Saturn V Launch Slow Motion 16mm Film

Apollo 11 Saturn V Launch Slow Motion 16mm Film | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Bone Yard

An Engineering Marvel

Watching this launch in slow motion as the narrator explains every intricate detail shown in the video is top-tier content. It’s quite refreshing to learn and be amazed at the same time these days.

The video is from the Camera E-8 on the Launch Umbilical Tower of Apollo 11 taken on July 16, 1969. This mission is probably the most important and significant mission that mankind has ever done.

If you’re wondering why the camera didn’t melt at all during the launch, it’s because it’s technically not there up close. These cameras were mounted below the pad and pointed at a quartz mirror angled to show the view. To protect the mirror, it sits behind a thick layer of glass that can be cooled with water.

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