Attack on the Yamato – Dive Bombers Scene

Attack on the Yamato – Dive Bombers Scene | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Johnny's War Stories

Giant Mosquitoes

This was the best scene in the movie by far. Seeing American planes come closer toward the Yamato is just great cinematography.

Looking up at the skies from the Yamato crew’s perspective, the planes looked like giant mosquitoes. They only looked like that for a second before they rain hell all over the battleship. Continuing to fight as the walls on the ship are painted with your comrades’ blood must have been disheartening. 

It didn’t matter how big the battleship was or how many anti-aircraft guns it had. Sooner or later, it will be swarmed by an endless barrage of planes capable of wreaking havoc using machine guns and bombs. The real-life version of the Yamato ship was hit by 11 torpedoes and 6 bombs.

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