Authorities Discover Lost Bodies Of WWII Sailors Stolen From Sunken War Grave

Authorities Discover Lost Bodies Of WWII Sailors Stolen From Sunken War Grave | World War Wings Videos

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Sunken Grave.

Last year it was reported that several sunken navy vessels from WWII suddenly vanished from their resting places off the coast of Indonesia. Gigantic ships untouched for over 70 years vanished and then rumor circulated about the thieves bragging of throwing away the bones of dead sailors. Now it has been reported that the remains of these desecrated sailors have finally been discovered in a mass grass.

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These ships sank in conflicts against the Imperial Japanese Navy in the Battle of Java Sea. They are considered war graves and not to be disturbed by anyone. But that didn’t stop scrap dealers from taking the sunken hulls of these ships and selling their metal. The authorities discovered these remains buried in shallow graves after questioning workers who have been known to work for salvaging boats.

Surviving family members of the sailors lost on these naval ships are calling for harsh punishment against the thieves. However, the workers involved claim they were simply on a routine assignment and had no knowledge that these ships were war graves.

“The workers admitted to burying some bones and throwing smaller remains in the ocean.”

Where do you stand on this issue? Should the salvagers be punished or does their ignorance about the situation hold up?

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