Grumman Avenger Makes a One-Legged Landing

Grumman Avenger Makes a One-Legged Landing | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / hw97karbine

Epic Landing

In this footage, we get to see a Grumman Avenger make a one-legged landing on the USS Essex in 1945. The Grumman TBF Avenger is a WWII torpedo bomber that first entered service in 1942, seeing action during the Battle of Midway.

YouTube / hw97karbine

Go to say, that single landing gear took it like a boss. You also have a highly skilled pilot there who didn’t even bend his props. 

YouTube / hw97karbine

According to a YouTube user, the pilot was Jess Huggins, the rear gunner was Charlie Ehrgood, and the radioman was Thomas Marshall. The three were part of Air Group 15 and participated in 39 combat sorties.

They sunk an oiler and torpedoed a cruiser and an aircraft carrier during the Battle of Leyte Gulf!

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