Avro Lancaster Flies Over Grimsthorpe Castle

Avro Lancaster Flies Over Grimsthorpe Castle | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Jon Coupland

Planes and Castles Are A Great Pair

Castles and warbirds usually don’t exist in the same timeline. Still, nobody can’t deny the beautiful view of a military plane flying over one.

Many British residents braved the UK heat just to watch this Avro Lancaster fly past Grimsthorpe Castle. If it looked this good on video, imagine how the others on the ground must have felt!

Lancasters were one of the best aircraft the UK had ever produced – and with which the commander of the Luftwaffe fighters, Adolf Galland, considered the best night bomber of the war.

In total, the bomber would conduct 156,000 sorties and dropped 608,612 long tons of bombs in just three years.

During WWII, the British forces used the central part of Grimsthorpe Castle’s park as a bombing range. It would also later house a Parachute Regiment that trained for Operation Market Garden.

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