A P-47, P-51s, P-38, F-86 And F-22 Fly Close-Check Out The Raptor’s AoA Though

A P-47, P-51s, P-38, F-86 And F-22 Fly Close-Check Out The Raptor’s AoA Though | World War Wings Videos


How Often Do You Get To See Jets Fly With WWII Planes?

This video was shot during the Heritage Flight Training course in 2014 in Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona. This event was designed to train current Air Force pilots to fly in formation with civilian history military aircraft for future shows. Awesome footage. 🙂

Here are some key facts about these flying wonders:

  • The P-47 Thunderbolt was the largest and heaviest single piston engine warplane in history, and also very heavily armed. A very effective fighter and bomber, the Thunderbolts were a force to be reckoned with.
  • P-51 Mustangs were long-range-single seater fighters and fighter-bombers and entered World War II at the end of 1943. With their two-stage supercharged engines and great maneuverability, it aided the Allies in establishing air superiority.
  • The P-38 Lightning was used in a number of ways, including a dive bomber, level bomber, ground-attacker, night fighter and reconnaissance craft. Not a fast roller,  P-38s didn’t do too well in dogfights but always put up a good fight though!
  • Not a World War II fighter, the Sabre was introduced four years after the war in 1949. A transonic fighter aircraft, the P-86 was a versatile front-line fighter used extensively in the Korean War.
  • The Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor flying alongside the WWII planes is a United States Air Force tactical fighter developed in 1997 and introduced in 2005. Its stealth, aerodynamic performance, and combat capability are outstanding.

Hope you enjoy this video! It’s really amazing to see these planes flying together, not to mention the perspective you get as to how far aviation has come in the past 5o years.

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