Awesome Huge Bell UH-1Y Huey RC

Awesome Huge Bell UH-1Y Huey RC | World War Wings Videos


A Beautiful RC Helicopter


There’s an abundance of airplanes in the hobby so seeing an RC helicopter is always a fun watch. This Huey doesn’t disappoint when it comes to its design and performance either.


Equipped with a Jakadofsky engine, this helicopter performs better than you think. Frank Wedekind built this UH-1Y Huey with extreme attention to detail. The decals you can see are all thought out and it adds to the allure of this RC model. 


The one thing this model is not the best at is going against strong winds. Two months before this video was taken, it almost crashed because of it!


Still, props to the pilot, Frank Bolte, for demonstrating how amazing this Huey is.

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