Awesome P 40 Warhawk Start Up + Flight Demo

Awesome P 40 Warhawk Start Up + Flight Demo | World War Wings Videos

The American-made Curtiss P-40 Warhawk was first used in 1938 during the Second World War. This warplane was an improvement of the Curtiss P-36, which had been designed in 1934 by Don Berlin.

The Curtiss P-40 Warhawk became most popular under the tutelage of Chennault in war against the Japanese. The design of the plane made it very successful in missions in different places including Africa, Asia, Russia, and the Pacific.

The plane was fuel efficient because it had only one engine with an Allison V12 produced that 1360 horsepower. The Allied Powers of the Second World War never lacked the planes because the manufacturers produced them in large scale.

On the war front, the all-metallic P-40 was very effective. It would go at speeds of up to 608 kilometers per hour, making it an excellent combat machine. Initially, the one-sit plane had only 2 50-caliber machine guns.

However, P-40 increased its guns for more efficiency during combats in Europe. Adding these qualities to an 11-meter wingspan, 10-meter length, and 3.5-meter height made the plane of the most stealth warplanes of its time.

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