B-17 Bomber & Crewman Infographic-Some Of These Facts Are Mind-blowing

Not The Easiest Job (Full Photo Below)

As a crewman of the legendary Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, it goes without saying that getting the job done wasn’t easy. You see, for one, their flight gear wasn’t exactly made for comfort but more for their protection and safety.

Imagine having to endure all the weight and discomfort for hours. And aside from the fact that they had to battle against the cold and other circumstances, they didn’t receive proper training in using the parachute. Basically, they were told to use it and jump. Take note that if the aircraft is already in trouble, they only had seconds to do that.

Despite its well-deserved reputation as one of the greatest planes during World War 2, being part of the B-17 crew was more than about taking risks. It required you to have balls of steel for every mission too. So let’s take the time to appreciate these crewmen. Hats off to ’em!

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