B-52 Flies Over Ole Miss

B-52 Flies Over Ole Miss | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / SeaFever

Final Salute

B-52s play the role of strategic bombers during wartime operations. However, at times like this, we can see the Stratofortress fly above the US like it was a passenger plane.

Its massive length of 159ft and 185ft wingspan make it a spectacular sighting in every airspace it occupies. This month, the people at Ole Miss saw the Stratofortress fly above their campus.

If YouTube comments were to be trusted, then it seems like the crew planned this flight path. Apparently, the radar navigator was on his final flight after a 37-year career, accumulating 12,000 flight hours with the Stratofortress. 

On top of that, the navigator was also an Ole Miss alumn. The crew decided to fly over the campus on their way home from a training mission as a final salute to his alma mater.

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