B17 Bomber Start-up and Take-off

B17 Bomber Start-up and Take-off | World War Wings Videos


What a Beautiful Big Bird

The B-17G Sentimental Journey is based at the Commemorative Air Force Museum in Mesa, Arizona in the United States. She first entered war service in 1944 where she flew numerous missions in the Pacific Theater.

Nowadays, the plane is regularly flown in airshows all through North America. The plane’s nose features Betty Grable, a famous pinup girl of World War II.

The video features the Sentimental Journey start-up and take-off. Surprisingly, its engines sound amazing-pretty cool how the props spin slowly in the opposite direction. It’s definitely one of the best piston aero engines with a great sound. Not to mention, the state of the plane is pristine.

Overall, it’s an amazing piece of machinery and part of our history. This has got to be one of our favorite bombers of all time!

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