B-25: SPECTACULAR SOUND & 4K footage! “Tondelayo”

B-25: SPECTACULAR SOUND & 4K footage! “Tondelayo” | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Steve Kauzlarich

What a Beautiful Bird!

The North American B-25 Mitchell is a United States Medium bomber named after Brigadier General William “Billy” Mitchell, a pioneer in military aviation in the United States. This rugged, extremely versatile aircraft saw action on almost every Allied front during the War, from the Mediterranean all the way to the Pacific Theater. 

YouTube / Steve Kauzlarich

The featured aircraft in the video is the Collings Foundation B-25 “Tondelayo” at Livermore California on Memorial weekend, 27 May 2019.

YouTube / Steve Kauzlarich

We’ll never get tired of the sound, and the initial belch of smoke of the old radial engines starting. The sound at the 7:30 mark is definitely a sound you’ll never forget. Not to mention, the under-the-wing landing gave us chills!

Overall, it’s a wonderful plane, and props for the 4K ultra high-definition video!


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