BAHF Boeing C-97 Start Up & Take Off

BAHF Boeing C-97 Start Up & Take Off | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Hagerstown Aviation Museum

Last Airworthy C-97

This C-97’s engines were brought back to life five years ago thanks to specialized tooling and equipment. The BAHF had to do a complete oil flush and use 224 new spark plugs, all while stripping down unnecessary equipment from the plane. It took fifteen years of restoration to get this Stratofeighter in the skies again.

If you’re wondering why they’ve gone through all of this, it’s because this C-97G is the last remaining airworthy plane of its type. After all, only 77 C-97s were built throughout its eight-year production phase.

Before getting acquired by the foundation, this C-97 was part of various Air Refueling Squadrons of the SAC. Today, it is flown proudly by the BAHF aircrew, which takes excellent care of the aircraft.

If you’ve been itching to hear its four 28-cylinder radial engines, then you’ve come to the right place. Check it out below. 

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