Ball Turret Tour Shows How Small It Is

Ball Turret Tour Shows How Small It Is | World War Wings Videos

Maverick82505 / YouTube

At Least He Got To Ride In It.

Nowadays, you’ll be lucky if you had the time and money to get to ride in the few B-17 Flying Fortresses which still offer rides to people. One such plane is the Texas Raiders, a B-17G which is operated by the Commemorative Air Force in Texas. The cost of a 90 minute experience ranges from $450 to $850, depending on where you sit on the plane.

This is actually not much if you think about it, as you get to ride in one of eleven airworthy Flying Fortresses still around today. Also, that money does not only cover fuel for the ride of course, but the maintenance of the plane as well. All in all, you get a ride of your life AND help to keep this girl in the air.

As for this footage, we’ve came across only a handful of first person views inside the ball turret. Looking at the rides offered, we are guessing that riding in it is an extra liability for the museums so they leave that spot vacant.

We’re guessing (making the assumption from another video we saw) that this guy might have known someone or is one of the volunteers working on her and just peeked in there. As you’ll see, it’s a really tight spot to be in and doesn’t look all that comfortable.

Now imagine having FLAK blow up beneath you or interceptors coming in hot. Respect to those airmen!

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