Battle Of Dunkirk Statistics Are As Inspirational As They Are Somber

That Could Have Been Much, Much Worse.

Since the movie Dunkirk is the hot topic of the season, we figured we’d do a little research about this famous battle to put into light some of the numbers that weren’t mentioned in the flick. Christopher Nolan did an incredible job depicting the terror of those 9 days, but this video will fill in some of the statistics that the movie simply couldn’t cover.

From the number of troops involved to the number of planes that were shot down, this animation might give you some info you might not have known before. Hopefully, it does.

If possible, try putting yourself in the shoes of these soldiers as it will really amplify the direness of the situation these young men were placed in. They were surrounded by a force twice their size with absolutely nowhere to go. They had to wait on the cold beaches of Dunkirk until someone rescued them, and if it wasn’t for the patriotic nature of civilians willing to help, most of them would be captured or worse, killed.

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