Before Retirement, Kiowa Warriors Break World Record On Departure

Before Retirement, Kiowa Warriors Break World Record On Departure | World War Wings Videos


Talk About A Spectacle.

This was the last flight over Fort Bragg and Fayetteville in North Carolina for these OH-58D Kiowa Warriors. After decades of service, they’re being replaced by AH-64 Apache helicopters which are upgraded with the latest technology, making them more effective for this Regiment.

As you’ll see in this video, it was a bit of an emotional moment for the the pilots involved, as retiring this aircraft is an end of an era. They’ve been in service from 1969 and have served in almost every conflict since.

“Today we’re not flying for ourselves. Like never before, we’re flying for every brigade delta pilot, crew chief…everyone that has been a part of the 58D organization.”-LTC. Frederick

As stated by LTC. Frederick, this flight was special. This flight was to honor the fallen soldiers who fought in Iraq and they made in a memorable one. Breaking the world record for the largest helicopter formation, 32 OH-58D Kiowa Warriors took off and flew over North Carolina. This beat the previous record by two aircraft.

The 1st Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment is now being transported to South Korea where they will complete their last 9 month deployment. Then, they’ll be refitted with Apaches and unmanned aerial vehicles, leaving the Kiowa Warriors behind.

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