The Best RC Warbird Crashes Caught On Video

The Best RC Warbird Crashes Caught On Video | World War Wings Videos

Hobby King

Lose Control.

RC model planes are a whole lot of fun. Building them from kits, taking them out in the open and flying them around on a clear day. But there is always the guilty pleasure of seeing an RC model plane soaring through the air and then coming in for a landing and crashing.

There are folks who put a lot of time and effort into building these Remote Controlled planes and they get a so much joy on their faces. But then the look on their faces when their prized model planes end up in pieces is priceless. Vintage warbirds colliding in midair, planes that can’t dodge projectile cannons and the model B-29 bomber that just can’t make that takeoff.

Hobby Kings

In this video from Hobby King, we get a good look at all the best crashes from Warbirds Over Delaware. You will feel so guilty for laughing so hard at these clips but you have to admit that they are a whole lot of fun. At least no one was hurt in these videos, well except for the pilot’s pride.

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